We are a company that manufactures recycled paper and related products to create value for society, its customers, employees and shareholders.

To be a world class company where the personnel find a life project, growing from 40,000 to 60,000 tons per year in sales of manufactured and commercialized products directed to the recycled paper and packaging market.


Constant and Reliable Quality

All our paper is manufactured in a one paper machine equipped with state of the art online automatic basis weight and moisture profile, providing constant and reliable runnability for our customers.


We can provide machine glazed brown paper.

Competitive Prices

Our prices allow our clients to share the benefits of a good price/quality ratio

Personalized Service

CEYPABASA's organizational structure is designed to prioritize client services; if needed, we can agree on truck by truck delivery dates. Ask about our special delivery prices and minimun amount provided on EXW collected paper.

Growth Capabilities

Our company can grow with our clients, since our production capacity can still be expanded to reach 5,000 metric tons monthly.


The management team integrates professionals with long-time experience in the industry, including several generations within a family business that has been part of México's paper industry since 1946.







Secondary Fiber Procurement 

We are the biggest buyer of OCC, DLK or any other brown secondary cellulosic material for recycling purposes in the region. Being the only recycled paper manufacturer in the state of Guanajuato, we purchase directly, with no intermediaries. Because we look for long-term relationships with our providers that benefit both parties, we aim for fairness in every deal we make, and strive to perform speedy unloads that enable better operational efficiency to our suppliers.


Essential Enterprise


In Celulosa y Papel del Bajío S.A. de C.V we manufacture paper used in the making of cardboard boxes, which in this moment are of the utmost importance for storing and transporting food and pharmaceutical supplies, all of them essential for the country's population.


That is why we have kept performing our activities during the sanitary emergency. Thanks to this, the supply chains of supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores can keep up with the current needs of thousands of families all over the country.


Our ongoing activity also helps to keep a proper garbage management that maintains the street cleans, as well as to sustain many sources of employment directly and indirectly related to the paper and cardboard recycling chain.


The company has been strictly operating under the measures required by the Ministry of Health to avoid the spread of COVID-19.